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Our Treatment against Premature Ejaculation

“Step by step, day by day” is an easy to follow, 100% natural online exercise treatment program against premature ejaculation that will guide you step by step towards your full recovery. With only 10 to 20 minutes per session for 21 days we will identify and reverse the ejaculation process through mental, physical, breathing and relaxation exercises and techniques. You will need no medication or gadgets and the involvement of you partner is not required.


treatment  A real treatment, Not a Manual or Ebook

premature ejaculator doctorsOur site uses the latest technology in online treatments where the information is transmitted from the server to the user dynamically and progressively. This means that you won’t receive a simple manual or eBook, you will begin the first phase of the program that you will follow day by day for 21 days +.

The system will guide you throughout the process ensuring your involvement in the treatment and preventing you from forgetting to do the exercises as we will remind you daily to do them.



treatment effectiveness Effectiveness of the treatment

premature ejaculation control VS other sites

treatment goals The goals of our treatment against premature ejaculation.

PE anxiety

Eliminate anxiety and stress related to Sex and premature ejaculation.

This is a determining factor for those who suffer from grades 3 and 4. The fear of failure creeps into the mind until sex becomes a phobia. The breathing and relaxation techniques in the program will gradually eliminate this anxiety until it disappears completely.

PC muscle strength for premature ejaculation

Achieve optimal PC muscle strength and stamina.

The PC muscle plays a crucial role in a man's sexuality. Throughout the program we will work out the PC muscle until reaching optimal shape and size. Having a toned PC muscle will not only help you with premature ejaculation it will also provide you with a strong and secure erection. Once you complete the program, we will provide you with a chart of exercises for muscle maintenance.

Controling sexual arousal

Optimize your ability to store and manage sexual energy.

Each person is capable of storing a certain amount of sexual energy, once reached the maximum, the ejaculation reflex is activated.

This phenomenon is especially true with those who suffer from hypersensitivity in the glans or head of the penis. Premature ejaculators are unable to channel the sexual energy accumulating it in the penis causing the feeling of hypersensitivity.

Throughout the program we will teach you techniques and exercises to dramatically increase your ability to accumulate and manage sexual energy.

PE symptoms

Identify and reverse the symptoms that cause premature ejaculation.

Identifying and reversing the symptoms is critical in the fight against premature ejaculation. Our online treatment will teach you how to re-educate your body and mind to react differently to sexual arousal. Easy to follow exercises and techniques that you will master in no time making a big step towards your recovery.

building self-confidence

Build your self confidence.

As you advance, improve and get results it will motivate you and give you the confidence necessary not to fail on your next sexual encounter. Insecurity and nervousness are big factor-s in failure, confidence, quite the opposite.

Sexuality knowledge

Increase your knowledge about sex, women and advanced sexual techniques.

We will increase your knowledge about sex, women, advanced sexual techniques and introduce you to Tantra and Taoism. What was your worst defect will be your best quality.

how the treatment works How it works and cost of the treatment.

The cost of treatment is 1 only payment of EUR 49.90$ or promotional price. Once the transaction is completed, you will immediately receive your username and password to access the “member's area” and start immediately with Day 01 of the program. You will receive daily an email with instructions and a link to the lesson for that particular day.


treatment videos & animations Interactive videos and animations

Throughout the program you will find numerous videos and animations that will guide you step by step on how to do the exercises and techniques. Knowing and understing how to do these exercises is crucial to obtain the desired results.Filmed in HD in a professional studio.

Treatment Goals What you will achieve with our program


Control over the ejaculation process

Total control over the ejaculation process

Permanent results

Permanent results

Harder and stronger erection

A much harder and stronger erection

Reduce recovery time between orgasms

Reduce recovery time between orgasms

intense and lasting orgasms

More intense and lasting orgasms

advanced sexual techniques

Extensive knowledge on advanced sexual techniques

rogres and result Chart Progres and result Chart

For the treatment to be effective, it is important to monitor the daily progress and measure the results. As you advance, a daily chart will let you know where and why you have made improvement in a certain area of the program. Treatment progress chart

On-line Assistance 24/7 On-line Assistance

24/7 On-line Assistance If you have questions or comments regarding the program, our online support team is at your disposal 24/7.

Don't hesitate to ask questions, we are here to help.


satisfaction guarantee 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

100% satisfaction guaranteed If you are not satisfied with the treatment or the results obtained, Let us know within 30 days, we will refund your money no questions asked.

treatment continuation program What happens after the 21 days of treatment?

Once you complete the treatment you will be able to access all 21 days separately whenever you want. Since you will no longer be a premature ejaculator you will start the advanced techniques that will turn you into an exceptional lover. You will learn new techniques and receive interesting articles and research documents about Tantra, sexuality and relationships.


Sex Positions Workbook

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Sexual Positions E-course Your photographic guide to the 20 Best sexual positions that will make you and your partener tingle with excitement as you practice them.

Female Orgasm Mastery

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Female Orgasm Mastery E-course Make any woman explode with orgasmic pleasure with these 28 techniques. Each one is guaranteed to make any woman have the best orgasm she ever had in less than 5 minutes.

Simple Seduction Formula

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Simple Seduction Formula E-course The 20 best kept secrets in the science of attraction and how to apply that science to make any woman desire your love, affection and company.


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